What’s the Best Day & Time to Post to Twitter & Facebook?

Posting to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr at the right time on the right day can help your message go father or your content to go viral.  Were you working on Saturday night creating some great content that you can’t wait to get out?  You might be better off waiting a little to distribute your content.

bitly tracked and studied the best time and day to distribute your content and came up with some interesting information. They found that the users of the social networks have different behavior patterns and it makes a difference what time and what day you publish content.

Twitter: Post between 1pm and 3pm Monday through Thursday (earlier in the week is better); avoid posting on Saturday and Sunday.

Facebook: The best time to post to Facebook is Wednesday at 3pm. Otherwise, post between 1pm and 4pm Monday through Thursday; avoid posting on Saturday and Sunday.

Tumblr:  If you’re posting at night, Tumblr is where you want to post.  Apparently postings after 7pm receive more clicks and Friday evening works well.

Read the bitly study which tells you exactly when to post to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to to reach the maximum number of people.  Now, you can publish your content at exactly the right time to help your content go viral.

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Buffer will tell you the best times to send your content and then send it automatically to social media sites so more of your followers and fans see your updates.

Buffer app plugins for WordPress.

Inc. has a good article about protecting your brand when using social media.  The article also shows the number of times per day and the best times per day to share content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ to avoid spamming or turning off followers.


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