What’s the real secret to obtain Top Google Results?

I have hundreds of websites in the top 10 Google results including this one and you can achieve the same top Google results for your website. The secret is to give Google what Google wants.

Google wants loyal, repeat users who can click on ads and earn money for Google. To get these users, Google needs to present websites in the search results which have the content users are searching for. All you have to do is create a website that engages users.

That means your website content content must be useful, educational, interesting, and/or entertaining. In short, you must have content that people want to see in response to a search.  If your content is good enough and written properly, other websites will want to link to it and users will pass it around.  For search results with little competition, that should be enough.  For businesses with sites competing for highly sought after keyword phrases, good content is a required starting point before engaging a search engine optimization company.

Many people have asked me to show them how to get top Google results, but now you can watch this video of Google’s Matt Cutts telling you how to rank number 1 on Google!  (actually a funny mash up video parody using Google Webmaster Help videos of Matt Cutts, made by Sam Applegate)

Search engine optimization can often turn out to be a lot of work and/or money for nothing or worse, can hurt your position in Google search results. Start with good content and then use a reputable SEO company.  Legitimate search engine optimization is labor intensive work by highly skilled people.  That’s why some companies look very expensive.

Black hat search engine optimization is like cops and robbers. While some SEO companies try to get ahead of Google, Google is right behind catching up. Black hat SEO is much easier but is short lived and will get you in trouble later. Although it’s less expensive than doing SEO the right way, it will cost you a lot more money to fix when your traffic disappears. A good a SEO company will focus on acceptable, natural methods of both on-site and offsite search engine optimization but it can’t be done without really good content.

Here’s Google’s official guide on how to write content. This article will show you how to put yourself in the mind of Google. Just think like Google and start writing.

Unfortunately, if you can’t do it yourself, creating good content is expensive because it is a multifaceted task requiring knowledge and many talents.  You need a content writer who:

  1. Understands what the reader wants to know;
  2. Is knowledgeable of the subject;
  3. Knows how to write well;
  4. Knows how to grab the attention of the reader;
  5. Knows how to keep the reader engaged;
  6. Can write in a manner which encourages readers to pass it around;
  7. Can write in a manner which encourages other websites to link to it; and
  8. For e-commerce sites, includes a call to action.

Phil Franckel, Esq. has owned several businesses, worked in many industries, and has hundreds of websites in the top 10 Google results.  I provide the information here because I enjoy writing about many different subjects including search engine optimization but I do not have the time to offer search engine optimization services.

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