Website Usability

Along with content, website usability is probably the most important aspect of your website for SEO. It doesn’t help to have great content if your website discourages visitors from viewing other pages.

Not only will Google know if visitors land on one of your pages and goes away after a few seconds but visitors who quickly disappear won’t help your SEO efforts by mentioning your website on other websites or social sites.

Visitors who can easily find additional content on your site will spend a lot of time on your website, indicating to Google that your website is valuable. Some of these visitors will post links on other websites and social sites to various pages of your website.

Do Your Visitors Like Your Website?

How do you know what your website visitors think of your website? Do they like your site? Do they find your site easy to navigate?  peek lets you see and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your website, and it’s free!

Just enter the URL of your website and click the start button.  Within a couple of days, you will be emailed a video in which you can watch someone navigating around your website and hear what that person has to say about the design and functionality of your website.

Mobile / Smartphones

With more and more people viewing your website on a mobile device, you need your site to be optimized for many different devices. Some websites are OK on smartphones but even for these sites, the trend is to have a responsive site. (I haven’t made this site responsive yet because I’m working on my sites where I make a living and this site is a hobby, but I’ll get to it soon)

  • Your website must look good on a smartphone when any page is first loaded
  • Visitors must know immediately what you offer (why they want to be there)
  • Your website must be easy to navigate on a smartphone
  • It must be easy to contact you
  • It must be easy for visitors to what they want to do

Make your telephone number clickable

Making your telephone number a one click dial on a mobile device is easy. Just use the HTML code <a href=”tel:1-800-000-0000″>1-800-000-000</a> or <a href=”tel:1-800-000-0000″>My Phone Number</a>.  You can use any text to replace My Phone Number.

Use a fixed header

Use a fixed header with your logo and contact info or other features and icons.  Look at the top of your Facebook page and then scroll down to see how they do it.  Market Watch has 2 fixed headers.  One on the home page for the menu, log in and other items and a header with social icons on article pages which is in addition to the first fixed header.

Provide a way for visitors to save your website to their home screen with a custom icon

See this article about how to create a custom icon.  Because not all mobile device users are aware that they can add your website to their home screen or just to remind visitors to do so, you can use an open source and free script to prompt them. Add To Homescreen (ATH) is a javascript widget that opens an overlaying message inviting the user to add the web site/application to the home screen.  The easy way for WordPress sites: Author siteOfficial Add to Homescreen WordPress plugin at WordPress.

See what your website looks like on mobile devices – Android, iPhone, and tablets.

You’ll notice that Top 10 Google Results isn’t mobile responsive yet!

MobileTest – This test shows your website on several smartphones in a vertical / portrait view and allows you to scroll down your website.

BrowserStack – This test shows your website on many smartphones and desktops in a vertical / portrait or landscape view and allows you to scroll down your website, however a fixed contact us header on one of my websites was not displayed accurately when testing my site.  It was displayed properly on MobileTest.

Transmog – This test displayed my website properly.  This site will give you a shortened url that links directly to your emulated site so you can email the link to someone.

iPhone simulator – This simulator shows what your website looks like on iPhone.

iPad simulator – This simulator shows what your website looks like on iPhone.

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