Using Press Releases for SEO

Press release websites have flourished because of their ability to distribute business news to the media and also for the SEO benefits. Large businesses go a step further and have a press release section on their company website.

A press release section on a company website presents a professional appearance; makes it easy for visitors and the media to find company information; services offered; and product information. I have found myself searching through the press release section on company websites many times when looking for information about the company, its executives and their products and services.

A press release section is a must have for every business so website visitors and media representatives can easily find news about the business. Even small businesses can get free exposure in local publications, especially if your business is advertising in the publication but reporters need a way to easily learn about your business.

A press release section serves the dual purpose of providing easy to find useful content and significant on-site and off-site SEO benefits when additional content is created.

Using a press release section on your website will result in periodic creation of additional relevant and topical content on your website adding to the on-site SEO value by creating more reasons for people to visit the site and more content to be found in the search results.

Some of the press release content may be picked up by other websites and the media with links back to your content providing off-site SEO benefits.

Thus, a press release section on a website can increase search engine ranking and lead to greater search engine visibility, driving more traffic to the site.

Creating a press release section is not easy so it’s not usually seen on small business websites. But now, if your business is using WordPress the new Pressroom plugin by Newswire provides the ability to easily add a customized pressroom to your website.

The Pressroom plug-in allows users to easily publish and distribute all press releases, press contact information, and other company information. Having all of this in a central location makes it a breeze for bloggers, members of the media, and other site visitors to find the information they’re looking for. This information can then be used and shared accurately whenever company news is republished.

The Pressroom Plugin is completely customizable. There are pre-styled content blocks included with the plugin and they can all be modified to whatever the user wants using the CSS editor window. This allows virtually limitless possibilities for sharing photos, videos, press releases and other media on your website. It also means that the Pressroom can be made to look like it belongs on the site, by changing the color scheme and layout to match the user’s website.

Since WordPress is now used by many businesses and considering the importance of having a press release section, it’s surprising that a press release plug-in hasn’t been available until now. I’ve been looking for one for a long time. The Pressroom plugin is a revolutionary new tool that’s been desperately needed by small business websites to appear more professional and offer the press release functions of large competitors.

Another great piece of news about Pressroom by Newswire is that it’s free. To find out more about the plugin, and download it for your own site, visit


  1. Philip, thank you for the post. Press releases online help to spread a word regarding emerging businesses and they help in a great way to create a platform for startups. Their use in SEO is now increasing their popularity and use.

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