Should you use Google’s disavow links tool?

I was never interested in using Google’s disavow links tool and never even looked at it.  My thought is that the disavow links tool is only for webmasters who previously paid for links.  Webmasters who were paying for links most likely had thousands of paid links which Google could determine were likely paid.  For these webmasters, the disavow links tool would be useful.

I have websites with thousands of links pointing to my websites.  I’ve never even spent any time analyzing the links pointing to my websites because I spend all of my time creating content.  I assume that there are hundreds if not thousands of spammy links pointing to my larger websites because I have noticed many spam websites scraping content.  I’ve never been concerned about content scraping either, although that’s content for another article.  I have noticed that with all of the content scraping and spammy links pointing to my websites, it has not made a difference.

For people who would like more specific reasons not to use Google’s disavow links tool, two good articles illustrate some important reasons.  Axandra says, “You should only use Google’s disavow links tool if Google sent you a notification that your website was penalized for unnatural links”.

Among other reasons, Axandra shows how the disavow links tool can have a negative effect on your website rankings because you might remove good links that point to your website; and you will have to ask Google for a reconsideration request causing Google to take a closer look at your website to find spam.  Read more about the reasons Axandra provides in their article Should you use Google’s disavow links tool?

An interesting result caused many webmasters to panic and rush to use Google’s disavow links tool.  Many webmasters  found their rankings plummeting after the Penguin update and mistakenly thought it was because of spam links pointing to their website.  I always felt that the reverse was true, that Google previously counted the spam links as indicating the popularity of the website and after no longer giving any credibility to the spam links, the website’s ranking dropped.  Axandra’s article agrees, stating “If your rankings dropped after the Penguin update, that’s because the unnatural links don’t count anymore.”

Search Engine Journal  also provides three good reasons not to use Google’s disavow links tool in their article, “Why You Shouldn’t Use Google’s New “Disavow Links” Tool“.  The three reasons further explained in the article include 1) small mistakes can have major consequences; 2) identifying spam links is a time-consuming process; and 3) disavowing links may have no impact on your website’s performance.

In conclusion, if you haven’t been wasting a lot of your money on purchasing links, don’t bother wasting any time using Google’s disavow links tool.

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