How to Bulk Transfer Domain Names to GoDaddy

Transferring a large number of domain names in a bulk transfer to GoDaddy is excruciatingly difficult because of a bug in the GoDaddy bulk transfer system.  I have been transferring my names in groups of 100 and spent hours with their tech support trying to find out why I was having problems. When pasting in the domain names with the authorization codes, their system creates 3 or 4 duplicate lists of names with the authorization codes!  Deleting the duplicate domain names and authorization codes does nothing because they come right back and produce the error message again preventing me from transferring the domain names.

GoDaddy tech support people told me that they are very familiar with the transfer error when bulk transferring domain names but they are clueless as to what to do.  I finally figured out the solution to avoid the problem easily bulk transfer your domain names to GoDaddy without errors.  Just look at step #16 on the list below. My list on how to transfer bulk domain names to GoDaddy starts from the very beginning with the easy/obvious steps but if you are transferring in bulk to GoDaddy, you probably know what to do and just need to pay attention from step #15 to avoid the transfer error.

At step #8 I click on Roundup for Charity and donate to the Arizona Humane Society because I wrote an article on one of my other websites about the CEO of GoDaddy shooting an elephant.  I thought I would never use GoDaddy but they are the cheapest place to register domain names ($1 per name cheaper than what I have been paying); offer the most sophisticated control panel and 24 hour telephone support.  I decided to transfer a large number of domain names to GoDaddy because of the cost savings, control panel and telephone support.  GoDaddy bulk pricing saves me $1,000 per year with 1,000 domain names, but I always round up for charity when paying.  Go Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

1. Click on Domains
2. Click on Bulk Domain Transfers
3. Enter the Domain Names One on Each Line
4. Click Go
5. Click Proceed to Check out
6. Click Next
7. Click Next
8. Roundup for Charity & Continue to Check out
9. Check I have read and agree to the terms and conditions
10. Click Place Order Now
11. Click My Account at the top of the menu bar
12. Click the Launch button for DOMAINS
13. Click on the Domains tab & click on Pending Transfers
14. Check the box for the domains to be transferred
15. Click the Authorize Transfer (black button on the right side of the screen)
16. This screen is where GoDaddy has a bug. GoDaddy will send you several e-mails each with different Transaction IDs and Security Codes. Use only one Transaction ID and Security Code and ignore the others. Enter only one Transaction ID and only one Security Code! Do not click on the Add another transfer ID link!  If you enter all of the Transaction IDs and Security Codes they send you, you will get an error message.
17. Click the black Next button
18. Click on the Bulk tab and enter all of the domain names and authorization keys with only one space in between each domain name and its authorization key
19. Click the checkbox for I authorize the transfer of all domains in this list
20. Click the black Next button

That’s it!  You now know how to bulk transfer domain names to GoDaddy without errors.

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