Google Ranking Factors – Fact or Myth

How many Google ranking factors are there? There may be more than 261 but Northcutt Consulting Group, LLC created an easy to read page listing 261 ranking factors indicating which ones are myths and which ones will affect your website’s ranking in the Google search results.

They list the most trustworthy SEO knowledge based patent filings; statements by Google; and scientific testing. Based upon the results of their research, they found the majority of SEO advice to be either partially wrong or completely wrong.

Should You Post Listings on Web Directories?

This article is not really about whether you should post listings on web directories but who should be posting your listings. I’ve already written an article here about the fact that listings on directories should not hurt you if the directory is a well run directory. and are directories. There is nothing wrong with these directories. In fact, I run a directory which is a yellow page directory for criminal defense lawyers and has over 1,000 listings. The ads are really also listings with a website link.

Website Usability

Along with content, website usability is probably the most important aspect of your website for SEO. It doesn’t help to have great content if your website discourages visitors from viewing other pages.

Not only will Google know if visitors land on one of your pages and goes away after a few seconds but visitors who quickly disappear won’t help your SEO efforts by mentioning your website on other websites or social sites.

Visitors who can easily find additional content on your site will spend a lot of time on your website, indicating to Google that your website is valuable. Some of these visitors will post links on other websites and social sites to various pages of your website.

Google Authorship for Website Content

Unfortunately Google Authorship is no longer supported by Google.  I have always thought that Google might be tracking domain owners to eliminate spam content or possibly to determine if particular domain owners are proven to provide useful content.  I thought authorship might have been an extension of this.  I liked it and thought it was useful to readers.

If you write a lot of website content like I do, identifying yourself to Google as the author of your content is important to both identify yourself to readers and help obtain top Google results.

Preparing to Move a Large Website to a New Domain

Are you moving a website to a new domain, combining multiple websites into one website or changing to a new content management system with new, different URLs?

There are many reasons for changing a website domain name including rebranding which could result in a complete change in both the corporate name and the matching domain name or merging one brand and domain name into another.

Someone in the marketing department of a medium-size hotel chain wrote a question to Kalena Jordan at asking about what to expect after a rebranding and a domain name change for each of their hotels.

Should I Do My Own Search Engine Optimization or Hire an SEO Company?

It’s not that difficult for most businesses to get a website in the top Google results, particularly if the business services a local customer base or is in a niche much smaller than something like mortgages or pizza. If you own a pizzeria in a small town, you shouldn’t have much difficulty being found by a local search if you learn enough about search engine optimization.