Preparing to Move a Large Website to a New Domain

Are you moving a website to a new domain, combining multiple websites into one website or changing to a new content management system with new, different URLs?

There are many reasons for changing a website domain name including rebranding which could result in a complete change in both the corporate name and the matching domain name or merging one brand and domain name into another.

Someone in the marketing department of a medium-size hotel chain wrote a question to Kalena Jordan at asking about what to expect after a rebranding and a domain name change for each of their hotels.

How to Bulk Transfer Domain Names to GoDaddy

Transferring a large number of domain names in a bulk transfer to GoDaddy is excruciatingly difficult because of a bug in the GoDaddy bulk transfer system.  I have been transferring my names in groups of 100 and spent hours with their tech support trying to find out why I was having problems. When pasting in the domain names with the authorization codes, their system creates 3 or 4 duplicate lists of names with the authorization codes!  Deleting the duplicate domain names and authorization codes does nothing because they come right back and produce the error message again preventing me from transferring the domain names.

Is Domain Age Important?

I’ve seen many articles written about the importance of domain age for search engine ranking. While some people have made careful studies about domain age, I have not but I can offer my opinion from experience and common sense.

The only possible advantage to an older domain name is that Google would believe that there is some possible value to the website. However, this does not make any sense. Any website “spammer” could easily buy an older domain name or register a domain name for several years. Consequently, registering a new domain name for 10 years probably has no value because anyone trying to get in the top Google results without providing good content would be doing that.