What’s the Best Day & Time to Post to Twitter & Facebook?

Posting to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr at the right time on the right day can help your message go father or your content to go viral.  Were you working on Saturday night creating some great content that you can’t wait to get out?  You might be better off waiting a little to distribute your content.

bitly tracked and studied the best time and day to distribute your content and came up with some interesting information. They found that the users of the social networks have different behavior patterns and it makes a difference what time and what day you publish content.

How Important Is Website Content?


Google recently published a list of questions (also below) to ask yourself about the content of your website. These questions indicate what Google considers to be important in your website content for both a high page rank and a top 10 Google result.  The questions show that Google is seeking to determine the overall quality of the content.

It should be no surprise that Google is so concerned about quality content. Providing search results with better quality websites is what got Google to be #1 and is what will keep Google #1. These questions should also then not be a surprise.