Philip Franckel is an attorney with experience in many different fields.  Phil Franckel has over 300 websites on many diverse topics, licenses vanity phone numbers for various industries and writes on advertisng, marketing & branding at www.lawyer-advertising-blog.com.

Phil Franckel began working with computers in 1971 and began learning FORTRAN IV.  His first website was created in the mid 1990s when he began learning about search engine optimization.


  1. Hey Phil,

    I am interested in talking to you about a new plugin that we have just submitted to WordPress. We started in on this based partly on the answers you gave in the WP Developers forum about a “Press Room” plugin.

    I would be honored if you would consider doing a review of this plugin. Please contact me at doug@newswire.net, or by phone at (801) 944-7773

    Here is a brief description of what we have made:

    PressRoom by Newswire creates a press room page on the user’s website. It will also helps the user publish and distribute press releases. PressRoom by Newswire allows the user to create “pin style” content blocks for the new press room page. Control over the style of these blocks is provided through an interface that allows the user to choose backgrounds, colors, borders, headers, footers, etc. The plugin settings provide a CSS window to change other aspects of the press room page.

    PressRoom by Newswire includes 8 custom post type interfaces. These new interfaces can be used to create different kinds of content blocks for the press room page:

    • Press Release Blocks
    • Embed Blocks
    • Image Albums
    • Quote Blocks
    • Social Media Blocks
    • Link Blocks
    • Contact Blocks
    • Text Blocks

    Each of the press room blocks created by the user becomes a widget that is available for use elsewhere on the website.

    Sample Press Room:

    Download Link:

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